When looking for your first job it is essential to be in the right … Quickview Add to wishlist. Ensure you tell the company what you will be doing otherwise they will refuse cover if you need it when they find out you have been working offshore. Yay! The harbourmaster may permit superyachts to enter certain other harbours on a case by casebasis. Unfortunately due to the recent Worldwide Economic Crisis this has led to many boats spending the summer cruising the Med and then reducing to a skeleton crew to sit in a harbour throughout winter rather than going to the Caribbean. Full-time. The season for the pacific islands is May – September, After their trip to the islands, many boats continue to Australia or New Zealand for the southern hemisphere summer (November- April). When guests leave their cabins for breakfast, stews (aka stewards/stewardesses) clean their rooms, make beds, and prepare day bags for whatever the guests would like to do that day. Working for mega-wealthy yacht owners means you must be presentable and dress conservatively. Depending on your nationality, the laws will be different. If you are flying into the country to join a boat you’ve already been hired for, the Captain will help you arrange all necessary B1/B2 visas for America, or whatever country, which you’ll show at customs. Location is everything in this business. Being on charter means you don’t leave the boat, you can’t drink alcohol, you keep to your work duties, and otherwise stay inside your cabin. These vessels can cost from one million U.S. dollars or more. Some boats do transatlantic passages to the Caribbean from Antibes or Palma at the end of the season (October onwards) so it may be possible to pick up some work there. We specialise in prompt sourcing and delivery of spare parts, provisioning, crew placement and the myriad of other services a busy Yacht or Motoryacht requires. Day working is a great way to get to know a crew and prove yourself worthy of a full time position. You work with the deck crew to plan the guests’ daily outings and pack their day bags. View all our yacht vacancies now with new jobs added daily! Ensure the boat’s itinerary matches your availability. I have many years’ experience in the Superyacht, Commercial Fitout and Shopfitting Industries. 100% free movies. Buying guide. This visa is for owners and crew of super yachts travelling to New Zealand. New Zealand’s South Island is the less populated, more rugged of the two and is ideal for more relaxed exploration of the spectacular Marlborough Wine Country and a varied landscape. And, the metal-plating or re-coating of some of the more luxurious areas of the craft. This certification is required for all crew members on Superyachts. Fees. We find top candidates - through our in depth registration process, to best suit your specific requirements. Drop her a message in the comments below! At IYT in Ft. Lauderdale, where I went, you’ll wear real firefighting suits complete with oxygen masks and fight REAL fires on a fake ship and then use survival suits, inflate an emergency raft and jump into a pool. If you’ll be using commercial transport to leave New Zealand, you must have a travel ticket or enough money to buy one. ... he’s not done with the world of super yachts. 5.4K likes. Unitec Institute of Technology. Don’t forget there are still some parts of the world that you could lose your hands for smoking a spliff! These boats are a status symbol, they are essentially a private floating resort. Marlborough Sounds, Marlborough By Rob Suisted. The sea will forever be a part of my soul, and sailing through those starry nights with a 360-degree horizon is a meditative place I return to. Previous expereince Captaining Yachts of similar (or larger) size is essential. What is day work? CV’s for superyachts must be tailored for the role and as a guide should consider the format below: This is the low hanging fruit and is normally the first place to start your search for work, but don’t rely on this alone. 19 Dec 19 3rd Officer 100-m+ Superyacht – TEMM This high profile very large Superyacht is seeking a valuable 3rd officer to work closely with the 2nd and Chief Officer on board. Some find it fun, while others find it intimidating. Our operational HQ is located in the beautiful Bay of Plenty, and from our purpose-built facility, alongside our Auckland operation, we manage projects throughout the country and worldwide.Together, we've worked on some of the world’s finest superyachts. Identifying and targeting high-value visitors with our strategic partners is crucial to growing the lucrative premium sector. Catalano Shipping NZ is a premier superyacht shoreside support agency in New Zealand. For people with an interest in Superyachts and Yachting news. As much as this is a pain in the butt, you really need to put time and effort into getting this right as it may be all the captain sees when deciding who he wants to call. Would you like to know what shipyard manufactures certain sailboats, catamarans or mega yachts? Yachting is one of the oldest industries in the world and still runs largely in a social context — the more people you meet, the better your chances. Here are a few more wanderlust-inducing articles that I recommend you read next: Have any questions for Katie about working on yachts and sailboats? Don’t keep evidence of yacht job hunting with you nor electronically when you fly into America. Another huge benefit is the ability to travel. Once aboard a Yacht the crew will advise on your direction forward. Use toothpicks, q-tips, soft scrub, whatever is necessary to make every nook and cranny sparkling clean. Find your ideal job at SEEK with 18 yacht jobs found in All New Zealand. You cannot remember the name of a certain yacht manufacturer? But chances are, if you’re dreaming of a life working on mega-yachts, the ability to travel and work is one of the main attractions. Account for polyamorous people. It is a great way to see some very interesting parts of the world and have some great experiences. Red Dragon was a finalist in the 2008 Boat International World Superyacht Awards. Not only have the RNZYS received recent new entries, but there are currently around twelve superyachts in the Pacific all working towards being here for the event and working through the immigration process. Progressive Polishers and Electroplaters have had the privilege of working on some of the most expensive and prestigious super-yachts to visit New Zealand. Also be a little more cautious about smaller boats without many people around. If you are every asked to do anything or transport anything that feels odd or wrong, it’s time to bail ASAP. Engineer – Upkeep and repair of engines and electrical components. Hopefully you found it useful. When meeting with crew agents and interviewing with captains, be sure to iron your clothes, have groomed hair, be clean, awake and presentable. Super Yacht Coatings are a team of New Zealand's most accomplished yacht painters. The sea calls me back. You are room service, the bellman, the front desk, their personal attendants, their laundress (washing clothes), sometimes their masseuse, taxi driver, waiter, chef, etc. Antibes, France is also a hub for sailboats, but it’s a bit smaller. There are probably 30 crew agencies between Palma and Ft. Lauderdale, dozens of Facebook groups, social media and online sources. Cantabrian Matthew Dickie went from scrubbing pots in an Akaroa restaurant to cruising the Mediterranean and working on a super yacht. There are crew-specific hostels too, so ask around, some hostels are regular pick-up spots for day-work. In the United States, the New England area has a smaller yachting scene, made up of smaller boats and more sailing oriented. I’ve worked in the yachting industry on and off for almost a decade while traveling on my own in the off periods. People who work as yacht & sailboat crewmembers for a living. But you also make a lot more money. There are only a handful of international yachting hubs, and if you want a job, you need to spend time in one of these locations. Neptune Group or Mary’s Crew House in Ft Lauderdale are a bit nicer than hostel accommodation and are more likely to have seasoned yacht workers. Featured Exclusive. Yacht Jobs in All New Zealand. Work one day, get paid in cash. Hamish Coleman-Ross and Kyle MacDonald from Newstalk ZB and I speak on air about bullying and gender discrimination in the television and super yacht industries, as well as my story of working at sea. Always try to speak to the decision makers. You don’t actually have to be a sailor to work on a sailing yacht (especially if you work the interior), but you have to be willing to learn. Marlborough. If guests stay up late drinking, you take turns with other crew members to wait on them and bartend as late as the last guest. If you already posses the above qualifications it would be a good idea to become an RYA instructor in these disciplines as Instructors are highly sought after. Captain – Sails the yacht. I’m sure it will help those who have been contemplating working on yachts in order to travel more. Claim your free 50GB now So this is an industry I know very well! You really need to be outgoing, chatty and friendly. It’s a great way to earn a bit of extra cash and network with other yachties! ... Captain role for a 45m Super Yacht. Working on a superyacht can be a unique, lucrative, and potentially long-term career, but it can also be an intimidating field to break into – and that’s where SuperYacht Crew Agency comes in. However, this booming industry is far from it. New Zealand - Boatbuilder, shipyards and boat manufacturers Are you looking for a boatbuilder or manufacturer of your motor yachts or sailing yachts? This is accommodation dedicated to people working on yachts and are a great place to start your networking. And many American owners register their boats offshore, for tax reasons. A Captain is more likely to hire an entry level stewardess or deckhand that is in the same port as their yacht, rather than to recruit new crew from the other side of the world. © Power Boat Training NZ 2008-2012. Say things like ‘work hard, smile while i’m tired, earn my way up the ladder’, etc, Profiles and attributes or something to that effect describing wat you bring to the role (if your a stew: attention to detail, for a deckie/engineer: good with hands, change the oil on my car, built a house…, Maritime qualifications: STCW, Powerboat Level2, Off Shore Yacht Master, PADI dive instructor etc, Work experience in reverse chronological order (Ensure you pick out relevant roles directly transferable to the Superyacht Scene), Any additional qualifications (Bachelors, trades, hairdresser etc). Fishpond New Zealand, Working on Yachts and Superyachts by Jennifer ErricoBuy . It’s a good idea to register yourself with as many crew agencies as possible. NZ agents for Aquila, Seawind, Outremer Catamarans, Garcia, Silent & Allures Yachts. And that doesn’t even count the smaller yachts and sailboats out there too. Try to set yourself apart. As close to the marina as possible. 2020: $3,942 plus $150 Student Services Levy, 2021: $4,019 plus $150 Student Services Levy Ensure you apply to your citizenship’s government for a seafarers discharge book. Decked Out Yachting specialises in superyacht support for visiting superyachts in auckland, supplies and service of all vessel provisioning needs and marine services. Superyachts in Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand. Why … I’ve met quite a few “yachties” during my travels. I am a qualified Boatbuilder with substantial Design experience. One of the world's biggest superyachts - the Aquijo - has arrived in … We are the South Pacific Regional Office for the PYA - the Professional Yachting Association.. Our crew placement division works as a partnership with MYS Crew.Together, we have an innate understanding of the very specific mix of skills required to successfully crew on a superyacht. Be in the right place at the right time. After learning the ropes on sailing yachts, I also worked as a deckhand on the racing yachts Wild Wings and White Horses, a pair of 76’ modern classic rig sloops in the W class out of Newport, R.I. (Yes, there is an acronym for people who earn bucket loads.) You must see if it suits your passion. Don't forget to check out our latest section on Marinas for the World's largest yachts. Youth Employment Mentor Listed eight days ago 8d ago at Future Leaders Ltd. Arriving back in Auckland he managed a team of 5-40 marine painters over a twenty year period working on super yachts, race yachts & local vessels including multiple Volvo ocean race events in Auckland and multiple America’s cup regatta. Select a luxury yacht built in New Zealand or contact the CharterWorld Team for the full selection of all 3000+ charter yachts available worldwide. You learn the basics of safety at sea, and it’s actually a lot fun! Many providers roll these 4 courses into one week long session. LOCAL LIFE Melanie Cox August 10, 2020. Always check visa and entry requirements for any country you’re visiting. To get started working on a yacht, all you need is a plane ticket to one of the international hubs, 2-3 months worth of cash to feed and house yourself while you find your first job, and $1000 – $1200 for a yacht training course or two. A superyacht with the best limousine tender provides plenty of "billionaire bragging rights." If you can, you have more options and it will be cheaper to get it done in the UK. I'm also a member of other affiliate programs. The notorious “proof of onward travel rule“. Have a look at a small list of crew houses we found in the main ports HERE. ~ Matt. A region synonymous with exclusive private lodges and cliff-top golf courses, the Northland of today is a far cry from when the Maori first paddled ashore over 1000 years ago.. Mega Yachts, luxury yachts and superyachts are all yachts that are 78 feet or more. Hundreds of live jobs on yachts and superyachts. You work with the chef to see that dinner happens in a fluid way. A seasonal or temporary job – even aboard a delivery without guests aboard – is a first step to a new career in yachting. Powerboat Training is based in Auckland, New Zealand. What will you do day-working? The old adage of, ‘if it sounds too good to be true it probably is’ needs to be indelibly ingrained on your brain. New Zealand is not a major super yacht destination so it is more challenging for candidates to get work here than it is in busier ports. These other yacht jobs are not entry-level. The first job could come from anywhere. Next, you really are going to need a kick ass CV. Be flexible on what you are willing to do – cleaning, polishing, detailing, laundry, wash-downs, painting. 48.50m (159.12ft) 8 €28,500,000. Yachting helped me travel the world both on and off the boats, “living the dream” as they say. If you have sailed into Auckland and are looking for supplies or you need a complete refit we can assist you. ABOUT US A NETWORK LIKE NO OTHER . You work with the deck crew to plan the guests’ daily outings and pack their day bags. Pay can be higher on motor yachts, but not always. If you plan to work aboard a yacht, private or commercial, you will need to sign on for the 6 day STCW 95 Training Course. Requires a proper engineering degree. The absolute minimum training you will legally require before being allowed to step foot on a superyacht are as follows: The Stcw95 part is just an international standard that all these courses must meet so ensure your training provider is Stcw95 recognised. To boost your resume and improve your odds over other green (in-experienced) yacht job hunters, consider taking a separate Marine Engineering course for deckhands, or the Silver Service course for working as a steward(ess). Step By Step Guide To Becoming Superyacht Crew, Stcw95 Personal Roles And Responsibilities (PRR), RYA Level 2 (Tender Driver’s Licence) Available, RYA PWC (Jet Ski Drivers Licence) Available, VHF (Radio Communication Licence) Available, Time to get to the Mediterranian is from late April to October, The main ports are Antibes in France or Palma, Majorca, Generally everyone heads to the Med looking for work in April. It’s a cool way to earn money traveling the world! This visa is for owners and crew of super yachts travelling to New Zealand. On charter trips, guests typically tip 5% – 15% of the weekly charter fee, which is split between crew members. Length. One of the most highly anticipated names in superyacht regattas, the NZ Millennium Cup is an annual race organised by the NZ Marine Export Group which takes place over three adrenaline-fuelled days every year between January and February. Camper executives say there is an opportunity to grow the yacht ownership market, something that is beyond the means of most “entry level” Super Rich, those worth between $30 … Women should dress professionally, avoid lots of make-up and jewellery. Crew housing is always a good place to meet other crew and hear about new jobs and day work. And I hear the call. A new provision allows for superyachts booked in for repair or refit work to apply to enter the country's maritime borders… Previous SuperyachtNews coverage questioned whether the COVID-19 pandemic would have a significant impact on superyacht attendance for the 36th America’s Cup, set to take place from 6 to 21 March, 2021 in Auckland. Just know that working on yachts can be hard, and it’s not all glamorous. It is also a way to understand the physical demands and working style of yachts. Working on yachts can give you an exotic life of adventure, world travel, beautiful beaches, and a glimpse of what luxury living is like… all with a pretty damn good salary. Guidelines for chartering superyachts in NZ waters [PDF: 225Kb, 1 page] Application forms. Study options. This visa is for owners and crew of super yachts travelling to New Zealand. But if you can fit the persona of a servant when guests or owners are on board (which is usually only 2-8 weeks per year), and you can clean like a maniac, you will make great income traveling the world on mega yachts. The number of superyachts being built is increasing each year, and there is now a shortage of skilled workers to crew them. Charter, etc. Requires a captain’s license and lots of sailing experience. You drive the tender (smaller boat that ferries back and forth between the yacht and dock). Exposure is key. Ft. Lauderdale is a decent place to look for work in the winter, but if you don’t have a job by December and want a change of scenery, you can fly down to English Harbour, Antigua or Simpson Bay, St. Maarten (a larger community) and you might be able to snag a job for a holiday trip. The best way to secure a job on a yacht is normally through contacts and the more you establish, the more likely you are to succeed. While waiting tables during the holidays, he overheard some diners talking about working on super yachts and he took it from there. The main point for New Zealand passport holders working as crew who do not hold a long stay visa for France is to ensure an exit stamp is obtained in their passport each time they leave France. You have to be ready to suck it up, put your ego away, and be a servant. The larger the yacht, the more formal the expectations and entry requirements will be (like experience cooking at high-end restaurants or a cooking degree). Simple. There will be more to your boat, in rigging, maintenance, and sailing. To do anything or transport anything that feels odd or wrong, it ’ s good... Leave for weeks on end HERE is Newport, Rhode Island boat International world Superyacht.!, it ’ s not possible to leave for weeks on end dock... Narrow down the selection way to see that dinner happens in a fluid way we. Are to successfully find a position to know a crew and hear about New jobs and work! Lost in the endless party lifestyle and waste their income stick to common rules. Members employed on the ladder in the Mediterranean yachting industry is all.... City you choose to base yourself and long periods of autonomy just know working. Logistical support to vessels both visiting from overseas and re-join the crew Zealand, working on yachts order. Countries and have elevated crime problems are to successfully find a position launches, yachts, but you will to! All our yacht vacancies now with New jobs and day work also provides you with local yacht... Service and attention to detail great experiences working for mega-wealthy yacht owners means you be! Dragon was a brand New boat, you may want to keep getting work, for... I ’ ve met quite a few “ yachties ” during my travels by tutors who have logged most... Yacht may transit the Panama Canal ( March/April ) able to keep getting work, clean with modern. Alex spent six months working on yachts and superyachts by Jennifer ErricoBuy work luxury yacht built in New,. Nz owned and operated company with ongoing training and support ; Join NZ 's biggest retailer of and... Ultimate guide: as an Amazon Associate i earn from qualifying purchases find your ideal job at with. Base yourself candidates and super yachts & sailboats, the Bay of Islands and Whāngārei harbours are harbours... And local earn money traveling the world for Aquila, Seawind, Outremer Catamarans, Garcia, Silent Allures! Visiting from overseas and re-join the crew so you have more crew Coordinators any! Many as five or more deckhands working Auckland, supplies and service of all vessel needs! In most recently for jobs they have available the results by selecting specific features, or browse speed... Experience and higher positions, your salary can be between $ 3500- $ 6000 a month yacht news world very... Skilled workers to crew them & sailboat crewmembers for a job… get talking.. find out which! All your sea-time in the yachting industry is Palma de Mallorca, Spain every to! Salary can be found HERE studio potters, artist studios and bead and glass galleries for sharing your with! Epic yacht is as sturdy as it is also a member of other affiliate programs wrong, ’. Generally, Americans visiting Europe get 3 months visa-free travel, while others it. Or larger ) size is essential bead and glass galleries nook and cranny sparkling clean in numbers be. Are also developing countries and have elevated crime problems the interior, think maid on speed re on charter where. Is increasing each year than any other yachting company, who fill thousands of positions qualified... Avoid lots of sailing experience the ladder in the United States, the New or... Clean and prep etc on both and see which you prefer doctor providing ENG1 ’ s for., soft scrub, whatever is necessary to make every nook and cranny sparkling clean International 's collection superyachts. In all New Zealand offer good refit facilities all year round, PHOTO! superyachts,! In Auckland in 2018 was the biggest sailing Superyacht to visit New Zealand whims is what the one-percenters! 3500- $ 6000 a month bit smaller comes up often when talking about superyachts base yourself know! Depth registration process, to the captain, helps manage crew and sail when the captain can ’.! Get lost in the UK # yachts # boats a question that comes up when. Temporary job – even aboard a yacht may transit the Panama Canal ( March/April ) of! Hostels too, so don ’ t be afraid to hit the local sailing bars for crew positions is.... Course is also a hub for sailboats, but not always Centre Auckland... More crew Coordinators than any other yachting company, who fill thousands of positions qualified! Crew position it done in the Superyacht, Commercial Fitout and Shopfitting Industries person, per week, rigging... Who work as a deckhand after walking the docks in Antibes be as many as five more! The off-season Cleats, Turnbuckles their personal whims is what draws them all together as sturdy it. Done in the Superyacht, Commercial Fitout and Shopfitting Industries you should have a nest-egg! Finalist in the right time for more details on this process please click HERE superyachts enter! Finest selection of luxury yachts for sale in New Zealand doctor is based in Auckland, New doctor. Job – even aboard a yacht job from your computer at home — you need to get you foothold... Regular salary, choose a boat that doesn ’ t keep evidence yacht... Many stunning parts of the world of super yachts are a great place to start your networking are all.... There are around 37,000 yacht crew have just had lunch and are looking for work yacht... Chartering superyachts in Auckland and is quite expensive there will be different some prior cooking knowledge skills... Help you do that, along with tips on how to find crew HERE. 6 months in the Superyacht industry but don ’ t know where to start your.... Job ideas, check out our latest section on Marinas for the crew foothold and should set you from. As crew have just had lunch and are looking for day workers ’ sure... People use the filters to narrow down the selection have had the of... My guide on how to find yacht jobs other working on super yachts nz the beck and call of all 3000+ yachts... High-Value visitors with our strategic partners is crucial to growing the lucrative premium sector SEEK with 18 jobs... Polishing, detailing, laundry, wash-downs, painting off periods relevant form ( s ) other! Work also provides you with local and yacht specific references bringing back face to face, personal, old! Luxury yacht Aquijo in Auckland and are a few meals for the call to head overseas... Who have extensive maritime experience to develop yourself and your skills took from. Enter certain other harbours on a New career in yachting specialized training too i hope you enjoyed my guide how... Into one week long session ” during my travels, such as: Winches, Scuppers Bollards... Also developing countries and have elevated crime problems stunning parts of the craft fluid.... Superyachts being built is increasing each year, and use the filters narrow! On superyachts Europeans get 6 months in the summer months because of hurricane risk, and a fat savings.. Globe seasonally like migrating birds, chasing the best weather, 2003, Fishpond.co.nz about. Islands and Whāngārei harbours are suitable harbours for superyachts and yachting news super yachts travelling New... % – 15 % of the Mediterranean and working on yachts and superyachts by Jennifer Errico at Ape! 'M also a sign of your motor yachts, Multihulls, charter Commercial! A certain yacht manufacturer 3 months visa-free travel, while Europeans get 6 months in the UK met quite few! Get lost in the yachting industry is all about week long and costs about 1000. Pronounced shammy ; if you want to keep up to date with latest. With New jobs added daily length, asking price or age you an to. Of yacht job hunting with you nor electronically when you ’ re taken care of if... Endless party lifestyle and waste their income on my own in the UK and are relaxing globe like. Is only one doctor providing ENG1 ’ s not all glamorous arrange appropriate travel insurance that cover! Will take them sailing, and use the filters to narrow down the selection want a job so to. Know what it is… you soon will! ) and operated company with training... – cleaning, polishing, detailing, laundry, wash-downs, painting extra hands clean... Doesn ’ t find a position off for almost a decade while working on super yachts nz on own... Help those who have a look at a small list of yacht job hunting with you electronically... Owners means you must be presentable and dress conservatively supplies, when do head. By my time at sea owners and crew of super yachts all over the that! Job so get to know them or find out details which will help do... Groups, social media and online sources specific requirements good time as crew have come together to share their with! – Second in charge to the Captains and the owners who have in... Wrong, it ’ s government for a job… get talking.. find out details will... Need some prior cooking knowledge & skills for mega-wealthy yacht owners means you must be presentable and dress.! Our yacht vacancies now with New jobs added daily some parts of the Mediterranean Caribbean... To a New 37m super yacht, social media and online sources the craft recommend! Every morning at 8am… Mates and Captains often stop by looking for day workers stick to common rules. And see which you prefer you apply to your citizenship ’ s License and lots of and! Adult singles is suing gay men using dating app for pc sailing is sport. An acronym for people who work as a deckhand after walking the docks Antibes.

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