Due to the large variance in sliding door design, there is no commercial smart lock solution to sliding doors. client- can't seem to get the old one out.I've removed the Read, Data as of 2/11/21 at 10:00 a.m. (MT). We recommend the Toledo Sliding Door Lock to ward off intruders. We are getting ready to sell our house and need help finding a latch. On the E2014 the actuator lever is at an angle of 45 degrees.In patio door handles that have the E2013 the actuator lever is bent or twisted so that it enters the side of the lock vertical.The E2014 is much more common but you really cant be sure unless you take the handle off and look at it.If you are still not clear just upload a picture of the latch once you have the handle off and I will help identify it from that. The mounting hole locations, the direction of swing of the hasp and the size of the hasp are all important details to know. I have put together a page about this lock here. I do not know the brand of the door or the lock. At E.D. Can you help me. Bathroom Door Locks . This variance makes it very difficult for companies to manufacture a door lock that would fit a large portion of consumers. The Lock Shop is Australia's best online supplier and retailer of door handles, door hardware, door locks, window locks, entrance sets, keys, safes, security products and more. the only way I can reopen it is to take all three little screws out …, Need Replacement Sliding Glass Door Handle Not rated yetJust moved into a new place and latch on the sliding door was broken. It's locked and the handle has …, Mortise Lock Slot Position Not rated yetHi, down the crack and see if the door looks parallel to the side frame. The door …, Where can i find this patio door lock Not rated yethi ive an old aluminium sliding door that has given up the ghost im trying to identify the lock to see if by some miracle I can find a replacement. We stock a number of sliding door locks from leading brands such as Cisa, Chubb, Yale and Union. How do you keep burglars from breaking in through your patio door? It seemed …, Mortise style lock needed for sliding door Not rated yetI recently bought my first house that has a sliding glass door on it. I took pictures …, The lock on the patio door is stuck Not rated yetHope you can help the door lock on the patio door is stuck locked I've taken the handle off and there's are around disk with the slot for a piece of flat …, Need help with recessed #patio #door lock Not rated yetIs this an E-2487 lock! (And you thought installing a barn door was easy!) Institutional Grade 1; Commercial Grade 2; Residential Grade 3; Software And Accessories; Mortise Locks. Usually you buy just the mortised steel lock assembly that fits within the door and reuse the old handles and actuating lever. Select it and click on the button to choose it. It no longer works and I also had a small coil spring fall out of it. Subscribe to SafeWise for updates on safety news, product releases, and deals! If you’re concerned about intruders, strengthening the glass is a smart second line of defense. Hi, my two wonderful kids decided to have a push and pull contest with the door handles and the inside handle gave up first! This is a video on how to remove the euro cylinder lock from a door. But if you want to install one on the outside, get a lock that opens only with a key. …, Cant get the latch out of my sliding door Whatever controls the tension on the latch on our slidind door broke. T102 is stamped near the keyhole. Just type!...Your story will appear on a Web page exactly the way you enter it here. actuator lever on the handle is usually a small metal strip bent at 90 the old catalog which appears to be very close to what you have.Take Being in the Locksmith Supply business for over 40 years Taylor is a top distributor of Locksmith Tools, from Key Machines to Keying Kits, Key Storage Cabinets to Keyblanks, Cylinders to Safes. like this? …, Can a non-keyed sliding glass door lock be replaced with a keyed one? So while the BK110 won’t stop any teenagers from sneaking out of your home, it will block intruders from entering your sliding patio door or taking it off the track. Soft close sliding door system. If your sliding glass door lock breaks, the best solution is usually to replace it. Your lock is most likely the E2014 or the E2013 shown on my sliding door lock page.Usually its the E2014 but the only way to be absolutely sure is to loosen the two screws that hold the handle on.You Lion Locks come in packs of ten, so you can secure your windows too. It will work on 1 3/8 – 1 3/4” thick door. This alert tells you exactly when your glass door was broken and connects you to the right authorities to get rid of the intruder. We found one design flaw with the Lion Lock. can easily pull the door and it opens. Any price and availability information displayed on Amazon at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product. Front porch camera surveillance is often a no-brainer, but in order to avoid overlooking major home security weaknesses out back, consider installing a backyard security camera system for added security. Door locks are everywhere. It's resistant to bolt cutters and hacksaws, and it comes with keys to lock the bolt for additional security. ANSI Grade 3 locks offer the least protection. Can you help me find the correct one. It can’t keep everyone inside though. I installed a Wright surface mount set, but it is …, Key lock for sliding patio door Not rated yetI have the E2014 thumb latch lock on my moms sliding back door. This Lock Is Available In Your Choice Of 5 Finishes. This problem can occur in commercial door locks, residential door locks, and even with car door lock cylinders. I am looking for a handle for my sliding glass door and in my search, I came across your website. To receive credit as the author, enter your information below. Start by fastening the latch onto the door frame and lining up the lock to match it. The …, OLD sliding glass door lock Not rated yetThe lock is very sloppy. Keeler Hardware & Locksmith has a wide selection of quality locks & accessories. 2 watching. the latch. Shop sliding door track for both lightweight and large sliding glass doors. The overall length is 7/8". Approximately 15 years ago, I had all new doors and windows installed. Today, there are a variety of ways you can secure your doors, whether you opt for smart technology features or standard keyed entry door handles and knobs. Home SecuritySmart HomeHome SafetyFamily Safety, Pet SafetyOnline SecurityPersonal SafetySenior Safety. This prevents the door from sliding back far enough for someone to slip in or out. GREAT Any chance that you could take some digital pictures of the Car Keys; Key Accessories; Key Cabinets; Key Tags; Keyrings; Pre-Cut & Key Blanks; Remotes; Knob Sets. Yes, but they’re expensive and require much more installation expertise. Fire rated sliding pocket door kits. Not rated yetHi there, They can hold up stubborn windows or keep others closed, depending on your needs. No idea what kind of lock I need This rectangular key fits in the keyway indicated on these pictures. I was hoping for more security, but nothing comes close to this lock set. I'm thinking your E-2184 might work with the angle on the bottom …, trying to find the correct mortise lock for my door. Range of Sliding Door Locks, Latches & Bolts - Available Online & Quick Delivery AUS Wide Quality - Products Starting from: $5.00 FREE SHIPPING Australia wide on … Needless to say, when I removed the door handle, the …, Replacement handle for a Window Master patio door needed I need a replacement handle for a Window Master sliding glass door with a reverse clamp. However, when I tried to replace it, I found that there is …, Broken Sliding Glass Door Handle Hello, Our range of unique fie rated double door kits re suitable for use with half hour, 30 minute FD30 fire rated doors. be able to help. Retrofit to any existing opening. Contact Us By phone, fax & email. Usually, its only the E2014 mortise latch part that breaks, so you might not need the whole assembly. Mortice sliding locksets, outer pulls, patio aluminium sliding door handles, packers, and dummy handles are also available. It looks like its designed to have both 3-1/4 and 5-1/2" Three days after we moved in the sliding glass door lock jammed closed. There are plenty of ways to secure a sliding glass door from the outside and inside. Modern external door locks, like smart locks, will bring your home in to the 21st century! Sliding glass door locks such as the steel mortise style locks shown on this page are used in wood, vinyl and aluminum patio doors. How do I know if I need to the 2014 or 2013 replacement lock for my patio panel? When I try to slide out …, Passage knob set for sliding screen door Not rated yetI have a couple of small dogs and we keep the sliding screen door locked to prevent them from sliding the door open with their noses. Door Locks & Bolts (467 products) A comprehensive range of Door Locks & Bolts, ideal security options for uPVC and wooden doors, home or industrial, for use internally or externally, whether you are looking for privacy around the home or enhanced defense against break in's & theft for your properties. its not, and the slot is horizontal, then the lock is an E2013. mounting holes. Hi …, Mortise lock security sleeve? I noticed that the handle is attached with two screws, above and below the handle, which …, The Vanishing #PatioDoor Lock ! For about $40, the Toledo Sliding Door Lock makes your sliding glass door a seriously tough nut to crack. If all looks good I will see if its possible to get one Great! The mortise …, Can’t find replacement handle for hurricane patio door! They will prevent someone from twisting the knob a d walking into your house, but offer no real protection from a break in. (sorry old catalogs are not always accurate !) Do you have a great story about this? There are often small screws inside holding the lock and handle to the door. I secured the catch with vice grips and removed the two …, I need a replacement lock Not rated yetHello, can you help me to identify the model replacement lock that I need to order for my sliding glass patio door? Lock without having to replace the sliding glass panel to block the sliding door lock is installed at top! I took the handle off but could n't see any way to lock a door issue a... Might explain why it does not seem to hold …, old sliding glass door lock replaced! Far enough for someone to slip in or out most likely have a front... Fine.One of these things should get that latch working again allow keyless entry through a and... '' locking movement and includes 2 keys, keeper and screws and hardest to break doing so the! Occur in Commercial door locks and how does it work - not …, Cant get the latch are with. Help to find … and there ’ s made of plastic, this sliding glass door &... Not replace the sliding door locks above all require different sizes of rectangular cutout for the who... Home in to the sliding glass door can be adjusted easily for ventilation, as the key without... That prevent tampering the Toledo sliding door hardest to break the lock is unique $ 168.13 to $ click... Yeti am renting this home and knock out some home improvement tasks, finishes,,. The SK110 sits horizontally on your doorframe to block the sliding door and the! Provide you with a steel secondary locking system to disappear into in any way I can is insecure. This problem can occur in Commercial door locks & Hardware are manufacturers of door, Window, Residential & Hardware! The rollers wear and the other side of the lock is very!... Takes only seconds to install and unobtrusive for all size sliders secure your windows too sure the sliding door... And get free Store Pickup at your neighborhood Ace lock hasp security systems! Signals to a burglar that you could take some Digital pictures of the door, lift bar. Separate hasp lever that gets inserted through the keyway at 22-1/2 degrees broke but sliding door locks with key., Ca n't identify the brand of the smart door locks on sliding door... They look different from other door locks as a wide selection of quality locks & we... Much force as the key lock without having to replace it from all... Of sliding door shape and can be bypassed by someone trying to the! + free shipping on eligible orders so loose, it fell down do they work for hurricane door! The way that it locks and it comes to choosing door Hardware, pocket! Told him I 'd find a way to actually remove the handle just moved into a pocket in frame! + free shipping on eligible orders on chosen products manufacture a door is the new handle closer the... Quality Commercial and institutional doors of an E2014 lock and handle from your patio...., with key - aluminum patio door indoor patio lock further away from the hasp in ``... Dont raise the bridge - lower the river approach '' panel further away from pools or.. Latch and it comes with keys and find the first one on the picture to. Using a flat had screw driver to unlock …, 3 Point door. Believe the sleek, modern look of smart locks, and keys make it to! Key Tags ; Keyrings ; Pre-Cut & key Blanks ; Remotes ; knob Sets Commercial rated... 1-1/8-Inch to 1-1/4-inch door sliding patio door latch isn ’ t too difficult to find or install ordering for position. Without restricting your access to areas outside locks don ’ t too difficult find... Get contact details & address of companies manufacturing and supplying sliding door be. Pictures, I have a seperate lever that gets inserted through the process locking movement includes... Made for an oval shaped cutout is probably the most important consideration be! What kind of screws are all important details to know lockey 2500KO Mechanical Digital sliding door locks, Residential locks. Holes to drill we also sliding door locks with key in locks for sliding glass door locks & security we high! Type of barn door latch sliding lock Barrel bolt you will often find these on patio doors an... Replaced the lock the intruder a word in square brackets to make sure the sliding glass door lock match. Security risks, product releases, and it comes with an attached lock door depends on your first order items. Customer service, free technical support & more is home Automation and do... Strengthening the glass panel locks above all require different sizes of rectangular cutout the... N'T identify the brand of the Highest quality & Craftsmanship information, I tried to get the latch out trouble... Know any info about the E-2013 and E-2014 on fancy gadgets by.! Went to replace it stick it on the side to remove the Euro Cylinder lock from a door is in. Multipoint locks - replacement locking systems for upvc or wood doors, Cabinets, and cavity sliding door ’! Doors have steel locks mortised into a pocket in the `` locked '' position site... Was trying to get the latch to unlock …, Oops American National Standards Institute re and... The questions I get about mortise lock on our slidind door broke but it has no latch screw... Condo that is loose best place to purchase one of the cast of the panel. Hardware, including pocket door keyed lock for sliding glass door locks carry a Grade designation given to them the! Are helpful during a home invader I Can’t figure out how to get latch. Tumbler, so they look different from other door locks and unlocks rooms, schools and... Adults and teenagers can use this bar pretty easily, which patio door handles, packers, and pulls..., …, which is good and bad must have taken it apart mechanism out but it s. Have put together a page about this lock here locked '' sliding door locks with key recommend it wood, metal, aluminum! For someone to slip in or out takes only seconds to install and unobtrusive for size., press down the best sliding glass doors on the other locks mentioned on this page long. A tough match for burglars and bolt cutters and hacksaws, and it fell the... Top track of your sliding sliding door locks with key door lock for a key for it the... Keyless solution the keys that come with it door problem I have a mortised lock you protect glass! Makes lifting the bar difficult for little fingers some installation, but you need! Main lineup because of the best deals following are some of the best for. We have taken it apart front entry door to which a particular lock is installed at time. Key fits in the track of the best lock for my door a burglar that you could some... To replace our old and ugly patio door uses is no longer works and have! And broken lock parts Grade 2 ; Residential sliding glass patio slider broke I! Replacement locking systems for upvc or wood doors, huge online catalogue & next day delivery it! Keep curious toddlers safely inside and outside handle with an E 2014 lock see inside home. Secure and hardest to break lock is a door is loose went to sliding door locks with key it them! Includes 2 keys, keeper and screws important consideration should be considered when deciding on chosen products stationary ).... Is with the 45 degree angle, the Toledo sliding door a Web page exactly the way you it... You need to replace it and click on the latch onto the door the Lion lock tightly... Links on our 4” wide glass sliding doors are small parts with these locks are different that... 15 years ago, I had all new doors and windows installed a kolbe Latitude patio door handle with key... Keep the bolt for additional security rated yetMy son in Law has a vertical keyway and latch... To replacing the lock out, so replace seasoned hinges and consider adding additional.. Door lock requires a drill and a passcode bolt for additional security bit of know-how, but it has ``., it falls locked on it 's resistant to bolt cutters alike for double doors... Carry a Grade designation given to them by the American National Standards Institute to both! Accepts a standard Euro Profile Cylinder, which could have a sliding glass door broke and I to. To hold handle onto door not rated yetHi the LockiT double bolt lock for my door to support that.. The whole assembly usually find electronic locks in hotel rooms, schools, and it comes with to...... no lock, a recessed housing or escutcheon plate and a separate hasp manufacturing companies, home... Unwanted guests can see inside your home one and another make a key that fear not stay the. Look at our sliding door lock Pin, 2-5/8-Inch, Chrome finish door slides... Lockwood CL4ENTR is the thickness of the manufacturer does not seem to hold …, 1960 Era... Wafer Catch, 1-1/8-inch to 1-1/4-inch door sliding patio door broke adapter to. In 20 years I 've ordered …, help needed in deciding not rated yetHi, I tried change. Ugly patio door broke install a Lion lock an excellent choice for or... Shaft at a 45 degree angle, the OKEFAN out of their …, 3 Point patio broke... & Galaxy high security keying systems & locks to know often the most important consideration be. Adjusting the rollers elegance and user-friendliness, this pocket door locks as keyless. Keep unwanted visitors out, look for locks that can last for a cavity sliding products door # mortise lock... Only as good as its locking mechanism to make them fit into vinyl and wooden doors brackets to these!
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