H&R Steel Detailing specializes in producing detailed structural steel fabrication shop and erection drawings that follow clients' customized standards while maintaining the guidelines set by AISC, NISD and OSHA.

When you employ the services of H&R Steel Detailing, you can look forward to:

  • Consistent communication with an experienced staff to produce on-time, on-budget results
  • Ability to supply Production Tracking Reports: ABM's, Shop Bolt Lists, Field Bolt Lists, Material Summary, and Gather Sheets for convenience in the fabrication and erection process
  • Capability to provide CNC, KSS, DXF, CIS2, IFC, and VRML files for Material Management software systems, shop production line equipment or merging our model with the final construction model for clash detection
  • Online Desktop Sharing that allows synchronized viewing of the project model from multiple locations promoting immediate solutions to all members of the construction team
  • FTP access for convenient, secure information transfer of large files
  • Working with an organization whose top management has more than forty years of steel industry experience
  • Drawings produced in Imperial or Metric measurement formats

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H&R Steel Detailing deals with steel structures of all types, shapes and sizes that typically range...

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