The rate of … Manulife Asset Management and Trust Corporation, its products and services are regulated and governed by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP). Manulife Financial Corp 3.83% Volatility meter Low High Fund (15) Benchmark (16) Based on 3 year standard deviation Canadian Large Cap equity Code 7242 / naeJF Manulife Canadian Equity Fund (Jarislowsky Fraser) Note: All rates of return are shown before investment management fees or taxes have been deducted. 3 Application Form Group Retirement Savings Plan (RSP) Name your beneficiary (or beneficiaries) If you do not name a beneficiary, proceeds will be paid to your estate. Layanan counter Customer Care Manulife Indonesia di kota-kota tertentu telah beroperasi dengan menerapkan protokol kesehatan COVID-19.Unduh aplikasi MiAccount melalui Apps Store (iOS) dan Google Playstore (Android), untuk mengelola polis Anda kapan pun dan dimana pun. Everyday Manulife presents to you the most updated information for your investment reference. Just click the corresponding price links of your choice below: Investment-Linked Assurance Schemes. Investment choice price / fund price. Info lebih lanjut dapat menghubungi Customer Contact Center (021) 2555 7777 atau 0800-1-606060 (Hotline Bebas … Manulife Mutual Funds, Manulife Private Investment Pools, Manulife Closed-End Funds and Manulife Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) are managed by Manulife Investment Management Limited. For Hong Kong and Macau: > Alpha > Alpha Regular Investor 1 Front-end Elite Pricing deposits of $1,000,000 or more receive a reduced MER.Minimum investment amounts for Elite Pricing can be met by combining investments in certain situations. For inquiries or complaints relating to our products and services, you may call our Customer Care Hotline at (02) 8-884-7000 or send an email to Fund code Manulife Retirement Income Fund 2000 Fast path! 2 Withdrawals and fund switches may result in tax consequences.3 In the province of Quebec, a successor owner is known as a subrogated policyholder.. Fund Codes; Press Enter or Space to open profile links when "Name" column (column 2) is in focus. 48870-v2018724 Manulife Philippines and Manulife China Bank Life offer special rates on personal protection plans for Filipino families Manulife Philippines Named 2018 Best Life Insurance Brand Manulife Philippines and Dr. Vicki Belo team up to share self-care advice for Filipinos The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company is the issuer of guaranteed insurance contracts, annuities and insurance contracts containing Manulife segregated funds. Fund (13) Benchmark (13) Based on 3 year standard deviation U.S. Large Cap eqUity Code 8859 / USei Manulife US Equity Index Fund (MIM) Note: All rates of return are shown before investment management fees or taxes have been deducted. Check here if you have attached a separate page listing your beneficiaries. On November 21, 2018, due to organizational changes at the fund manager level, Manulife Asset Management will close their International Equity strategy.As a result, the Manulife Asset Management International Equity Fund (fund code 8138/MAMIE) will close and, we’ll need to replace the underlying fund for the followings segregated funds: Manulife Global Fund - Greater China Opportunities Fund, Russia Equity Fund, Taiwan Equity Fund, and U.S. Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities Fund - Update Product Key Facts (September 2019) Manulife Global Fund Annual General Meeting of the Shareholders – Notice & Proxy Form The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company (Manulife… ... Mutual funds and ETFs sponsored by Fidelity Investments Canada ULC are only qualified for sale in the provinces and territories of Canada. The Fund code and ticker lookup tool is designed to help you find the appropriate mutual fund code and sales option, or ETF, quickly and easily. Please sign and date.