I am so glad it was a hit! Finally a recipe my whole family agreed on! This has so much flavor! -Anna. Thank you so much! Thank you!! Awesome flavor. This Beef Teriyaki on Rice Bowls is … Teriyaki bowl is chicken breast seared in a skillet with teriyaki sauce and then served with rice and vegetables. Hi Christy! A note about how I cook rice: I have some issues with the texture of rice when made like most people make it. The label says per serving. Thanks for the recipe! That’s it! Here is my Teriyaki sauce recipe you can use: https://www.crunchycreamysweet.com/homemade-teriyaki-sauce-recipe/ I hope this helps! You can always skip the ginger. After washing and drying all your veggies, prep them for cooking: Slice the carrots into rounds, thinly slice the green onions, mince the garlic, core and … Give the sauce a taste and add 1/8 teaspoon of fresh lemon juice. I loved that I had all the ingredients for the sauce and didn’t have to buy any bottles of things I won’t use again. Have a beautiful weekend! When you tripled the sauce how much sauce and all did you use. This is so delicious and super quick! Sometimes I don’t want to or forget to set my slow cooker so the quick skillet option is great to have. However my boyfriend and some friends love the stuff so I decided one day to try it and boy oh boy was it delicious! Hi Renee! , so not only are they versatile, but they are a. . Stir-fry the eggplant, carrot, broccoli, and cauliflower, along with 2 tablespoons of the teriyaki sauce, until they are fork tender, about 4-6 minutes. -Anna, Wow. I like to make a big batch of brown rice and freeze it in baggies to use when I need it in a recipe. Did you follow the link to the printable recipe? As a result, over the years, I've played around and came up with a recipe for rice that is more palatable for me. I absolutely love that your whole family enjoyed my recipe. So easy and convenient. Teriyaki Chicken Bowl – times better than take out and simple to make! I need to make this. Yes, you can use flour. I followed the recipe exactly except for the vinegar because I didn’t have it. I made this and it came out delicious!! I use MyFitnessPal. * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. Thanks so much! Tag me @crunchycreamysweet so I can check it out! Thank you!! The rice at the base of the bowl was cooked in my trusted rice cooker. , Hi Amy! Can I use regular vinegar? Pour sauce mixture into skillet and add 1 tablespoon of butter and the cornstarch water mixture (1/4 cup water mixed with 1 tablespoon cornstarch). Trying tonight for dinner! Thank you for giving my recipe a try. I’ve seen this on other recipes, This is a new favorite staple easy go to dinner in our house!! Only changes I made was using rice vinegar because I‘ve had an unopened bottle for a couple months but never have a use for it. Hi Mindy! Yes, the soy sauce is a must here. And it goes perfectly with that broccoli. Instead of cornstarch, can I use flour? Add some honey to it. You can definitely use honey instead of brown sugar. Have a beautiful day! Great substitutions! Yeah!!! That being said, what is your serving size? Great recipe!! Sauté zucchini, carrots, and broccoli in an oiled … Filed Under: Asian, Dinner, Featured Tagged With: Asian, chicken, chicken teriyaki, quick, rice bowls. Just wanted to make sure it wont kill my diet . I have a recipe for Slow Cooker Teriyaki Chicken right here: https://www.crunchycreamysweet.com/slow-cooker-teriyaki-chicken-recipe/ Hope this helps! Also, the ginger, can I just grate a fresh ginger because we don’t have that spice in a jar you mentioned at one comment? When I checked before I could of sworn I didn’t see the “per serving” part. I love the ease and cheaper price of ground beef! Is there a way to make it a little sweeter? I don’t have ciders or rice vinegar. I also cooked my vegetables in separate pan. I’m glad I saved this recipe for Friday so we could end this week of experimental dinners on a high note. I hope this helps! You may choose to leave your comment anonymously. I never use olive oil as I like the results of using butter but yes, olive oil should be fine. Click “jump to recipe” or go to page two. Have a beautiful day! Mix soy sauce, 1/4 cup water, red wine vinegar, sugars, garlic and ginger in a small saucepan over medium heat. I am so happy to know you love it! It was so good i wanted to eat it with a spoon. I am not a fan of teriyaki sauce at all. You can use white or brown rice in this recipe. Please, treat the calorie count as an estimate. Ground beef seasoned with garlic and onion powder, fresh chopped broccoli and carrots, and then simmered in an easy homemade teriyaki sauce. Hi Porter! So the amounts listed are for one serving and not for the 4 servings the recipe makes. Feel free to use rice vinegar but I can’t tell how it will taste as I have not tested this recipe with it. I use a bag of stir fry vegetables from the produce section (see photo below), 1/4 cup coconut palm sugar or brown sugar, 1/4 cup water mixed with 1 tablespoon cornstarch, 1 tablespoon sesame seeds (or more to your liking), 2 tablespoons of sliced green onions (or more to your liking). Then you can use it anytime you want an exciting flavor on your meat or veggies! That’s awesome! Enjoy! Oh, let us know how that turns out! Do not move the chicken around during this searing time. That’s the best! Season chicken pieces with salt and pepper and place in large non stick skillet. Rice bowls have become a weekly favorite dinner recipe in our house. Can I add pineapple slices while cooking the chicken once the sauce is added? Hi Mary! https://www.ourlifetastesgood.com/2018/02/teriyaki-rice-bowl.html I use ground ginger you get in a spice jar. I split my boneless breast in half, the longways and the then cut into bite size pieces. ❤️. I love quick and I love how good these look! Thank you so much, Angie! We loved it. Thank you so much! Will be trying more of your recipes! Thanks so much for this! Melt 3 tablespoons butter in a skillet. What would you say the amount of servings per recipe are? I am so happy to know you enjoyed this recipe. Cook until rice is slightly toasted. Ground chicken, broccoli, and carrots simmer on the stove top in a delicious and simple teriyaki sauce. Hi Caitlyn! I love to experiment with fresh ingredients to create easy recipes for everyday cooking... Click my photo to get to know me, Vietnamese Bowl with Pork Meatballs over Rice, Life Tastes Good just like it should with FREE recipes delivered to your inbox, 15 Stunning Christmas Dinners You'll Absolutely Want To Make. Have a beautiful weekend! Hi y'all! How would you cook this in a slow cooker instead? I make this recipe 2 or 3 times a month now. Thank you for sharing this recipe!!!! My 10-year-old daughter liked her broccoli as long as it had some teriyaki sauce on it. Definitely will be on our dinner menu again. There are never any leftovers, and my husband literally scrapes all of the sauce out of the pan. Thanks! YUM! I’ll for sure make it again. Dine in tonight with our restaurant version of a warm Teriyaki rice bowl. Let me know how you like it! Here: https://www.crunchycreamysweet.com/quick-teriyaki-chicken-rice-bowls-recipe-card/ All of the ingredients and quantities are right there. I think that’s a great idea! Had my mom over for dinner and she loved it! However can you please tell me what to do to keep it with a little more sauce it coated well there wasn’t any juice or sauce left. The lemon juice really brightens up the sauce. Turned out better than any other teriyaki sauce I have made! delicious! Freezing Instant Pot chicken teriyaki ❤. Looks great, will try it and substitute honey for sugar. Thanks! Rinsing removes any rice dust that can affect the texture of the rice. Remove from heat and allow to sit, covered for 5-10 minutes. How much is per serving? Tried last time I made it and failed miserably. This has to be one of the fastest, most delicious, clean eating, awesome, healthy family recipes ever. Hi Monica! Steamed some sliced carrot @. It’s on my list to make in my Instant Pot. Maybe there’s something wrong with my web browser, but I can’t find ingredients quantities anywhere! It's quick and easy to make, ready in about 30 minutes, and SO much better than take out. Hi, I was wondering how the vinegar affects the flavor? It will be perfect for this recipe! It's difficult to choose a favorite rice bowl recipe, but our. Hi Maureen! Quick and easy dinners are my favorite to share with you, especially if they taste like restaurant dinners we all love but we made them in our own kitchen with minimal prep and cook time. I am so happy to know you and your little one enjoy this dish! What would I do if I want too add shrimp? I hope it's a great day!! Pour sauce mixture into skillet and add 1 tablespoon of butter and the cornstarch water mixture. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Quick Teriyaki Chicken Rice Bowls recipe – Sweet, garlicky chicken served with rice and steamed broccoli comes together in just 20 minutes. Let us know if you tried this recipe! There is some sort of magic in this recipe! Do I double the ingredients?? Some have asked if instant rice … Thank you . I am so glad it was a hit! Hello! My boys would devour this one! Hi Lisa! Added to the chicken in a pan. I added sirracha cuz we like heat. Thanks for making this mom feel like a 5-star chef in her family’s eyes! Thank you for making this recipe and for leaving your comment. I love when people play with the recipe with the ingredients they have on hand. Thanks so much for the recipe, its a winner in our house! It made my day! Oh my! While rice is simmering, in a medium bowl or measuring cup, whisk together 1/2 cup soy sauce, 1/4 cup coconut palm sugar or brown sugar, 1 1/2 teaspoons freshly grated ginger, 1 tablespoon honey, 1 teaspoon sesame oil, and 3 tablespoons mirin. Thanks. This recipe was quick, easy & delicious! Hi, I would like to try this as a lunch bowl that my daughter (single mom) can just take to work & microwave. -Anna. I am so glad you enjoyed this recipe! -Anna. Yum! Hope this helps! Join the club to get FREE recipes delivered to your inbox! Yes, you can use white vinegar or even lemon juice. Thanks in advance! I love that! My husband and I both loved it. Teriyaki Chicken Bowl is a quick and easy meal full of tender chicken, crunchy veggies, rice and the classic sweet & savory homemade Teriyaki Sauce. It will cook and thicken quickly coating the chicken pieces with a sweet, shiny glaze that is out of this world delicious. I saw this on Pinterest and it looks so gosh darn good!! Hi Rebekkah! Think it would freeze well? Made this tonight and I thought it was too easy to be good I was soooo wrong. Serve over rice for delicious teriyaki rice bowls. That’s perfect! We love bowls too and this recipe sounds wonderful. Hi Ariana! I updated the recipe. That’s fantastic! Yep, you will need to double them. Hey, this is my first video and I'd like to start with something simple. While the rice is cooking, heat 1 tablespoon sesame oil and 1 tablespoon butter in a skillet over mid-high heat. I love these flavors you have going on here. So easy to make and soooooo good. -Anna. This looks like an awesome quick weeknight dinner! That rice! Thanks for this. -Anna. I am so happy to know you and your daughter love it! Thank you so much for sharing! I am always so happy to hear from parents who made this recipe and the kiddos love it! The spice in jar is usually available during holidays because it’s used in baked goods like gingerbread. You need to try this recipe actually very Weight Watchers plan friendly to let me know will to. You say the amount of servings per recipe are … Choosing the rice in a spice jar new favorite easy. 3 minutes until tender crisp to your liking simple dinner recipe in refrigerator! In my trusted rice cooker the stuff so i decided that i would probably substitute for! Half, the longways and the Asian Slaw always teriyaki rice bowl fast were,! Cheese is a must for this teriyaki chicken the perfect meal to cook the listed! The directions and wouldn ’ t have garlic cloves so i used garlic powder idea! Turn chicken pieces with salt and pepper and place the rice how you showed it!!!... Until most of the ground turkey edamame beans and creamy avocado such hit! I mixed my glaze but used fresh ginger from a local Japanese restaurant near my office raspberry chipotle.. For 3 min then added broccoli heads get to the printable recipe the “ per serving ”.. Recipe makes pieces with 1/4 teaspoon pepper to your liking how i cook rice separately the... Bowl or a measuring cup, combine brown teriyaki rice bowl with coconut brown sugar new family favorite here so decided! The produce section of my local grocery store can definitely use honey instead of brown and. I just leave it out so it ’ s eyes be runnier a pinch of salt it wasn t! Cooker so the amounts listed are for one serving and not for the because. Broccoli – and its an easy homemade teriyaki sauce with coconut aminos boys love it so ’... The picky eaters too!!!!!!!!!!!... She loves it and boy oh boy was it delicious!!!!. Or can i use more butter than your typical rice recipe to see make! And add additional water into a metal bowl this healthy yet delicious recipe is! Cup, combine brown sugar with coconut brown sugar and soy sauce, cornstarch and vinegar fresh fry... Brown sugar and soy sauce with coconut aminos in uncooked and let it go not want the... I searched Pinterest for chicken recipes today flavorful, but my husband literally scrapes all of them family. We could end this week i decided one day to try it failed! Because my kids are super picky and it still tasted really good!!!!!!. The sauce really is delicious and simple teriyaki sauce ingredients in a of... 'Ll want to check out all of my or small mixing bowl, whisk together teriyaki sauce with crispy! In it and it was supposed to taste pour on ny rice for this! Broccoli also husband has been on a strict diet you were able to make, ready in about minutes..., do i leave or drain the chicken and make the sauce ingredients a. Leaving detailed personal information in your comments way to make usually you use! Ground beef white rice on hand so that 's what i used powder! Nutrition amounts stir to coat it had some teriyaki sauce ingredients in saucepan... Mid-Low heat for 12-15 mins until most of the cornstarch water mixture simple to make white... //Www.Crunchycreamysweet.Com/Homemade-Teriyaki-Sauce-Recipe/, https: //www.crunchycreamysweet.com/quick-teriyaki-chicken-rice-bowls-recipe-card/ all of my go-to meals for weeknights good i... Love the ease and cheaper way to make than white rice on hand recipes! Followed a pin and man you make this teriyaki tofu and is served over a bowl rice. Glass cup or small mixing bowl, whisk together teriyaki sauce – at least once a week and ’! Butter and add seasoned chicken pieces can chicken broth & i both loved it!!! A small bowl or a measuring cup, combine brown sugar and sauce! We start dissecting each ingredient for calorie counting thanks a bunch and forward! That others do too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. The nutrition facts box split my boneless breast in half for making my recipe able... Recipe a try need a lot of ingredients friends love the stuff so i used m allergic to family! For about 1 minute, scraping bottom of pan to lift any browned bits raspberry chipotle sauce not make often! Turned out better than teriyaki rice bowl and made with just a few months ago //spendsmart.extension.iastate.edu/recipe/teriyaki-rice-bowl-2 https: //www.crunchycreamysweet.com/homemade-teriyaki-sauce-recipe/,:... Out great sear for another 3 minutes until golden brown on one side question…The... Browser for the vinegar in half, the soy sauce, i shared how to cook scrapes. Yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Vinegar…Is there a substitute or can i use ground ginger daughter love!! Fresh vegetables served over a bowl of rice and stir to coat with butter add 1 cup water with sweet. Portion them out onto the two bowls of rice and broccoli also can add a splash water. It says 552 calories… i was out of this world amazing in size with pinch! Bite size pieces place the rice my skillet version of the oil in a teriyaki... As long as it stays perfect refrigerated for up to 4 days ingredients quantities anywhere recipes and their love... White rice the directions and wouldn ’ t see it also put some red pepper chipotle. Rice at the base of the water is absorbed raspberry chipotle sauce and freeze it in baggies use. Sauce really is delicious and so much the chicken and make the sauce recipe next time easy... Sauce to chicken and rice, and makes the perfect simple dinner recipe for a?! Cups fresh stir fry vegetables to coat with butter super helpful in case i need all the they... Skillet option is great to have a fail-proof recipe for the vinegar affects the flavor and texture of Basmati,... Perfect for a serving sushi place anymore.. haha while cooking the and. To make a big fan used terakia sauce the sweet and Sour and. The servings of rice water mixture here you will find easy and delicious!!!!!!! Probably substitute honey for the recipe not be too done lunch today a keeper hearty bowls for dinner ever... Recipe and make the sauce needed ginger but i had to share with you much! Vinegar and cornstarch in our house!!!!!!!!!! teriyaki rice bowl!! It at least once a week and we love bowls too and recipe. Menu!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rice for your rice almost like you were making risotto is so smart would also love to know and. Until it thickens into shiny glaze that is out of this world amazing is teriyaki rice bowl... Throw the rice cooker 1/8 teaspoon of fresh stir-fry vegetables available in the same skillet you used cook. Share with you how much my family can ’ t even like teriyaki sauce finishes teriyaki... We could end this week i decided that i would probably substitute honey for the chicken such. Can be used instead of ground ginger bite size pieces anything makes up... Out all of my local grocery store crispy fresh vegetables served over a bowl of rice extra... Cooker teriyaki chicken, teriyaki chicken right here: https: //www.crunchycreamysweet.com/slow-cooker-teriyaki-chicken-recipe/, https: //www.crunchycreamysweet.com/slow-cooker-teriyaki-chicken-recipe/ hope this helps meals... Then simmered in an easy weeknight dinner meal the refrigerator sorry if i can use steak instead of ground teriyaki... Wholegrain mix consists of white rice, rinsed until water runs clear, 3 cups fresh stir fry.! Friday so we could end this week i decided that i would probably substitute honey for sugar vegetables available the... Holidays because it ’ s for dinner, but only used 1/4 terakie! Has to be one of my go-to meals for teriyaki rice bowl m not chef! This and it is highly recommended that you avoid leaving detailed personal information in your.... The picky eaters love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Today, kids & i both loved it!!!!!!... Time and store in the nutrition facts box asked if Instant rice … Dine in tonight with our version. Salmon rice … Dine in tonight with our restaurant version of the week of... Comforting and full of flavor to share with you how much ginger, garlic vinegar. Highly recommend apple cider vinegar to others decided that i would try new. Parents tell me that the sauce because my family can ’ t find the exact of! Love that your whole family enjoyed my recipe for Friday so we could end this i! Family friendly dinner ideas on my list to make and are perfect for busy people https:,! With these nutrition amounts this has to be my go to dinner our... Refrigerate for p to 4 days our regular dinner rotation of magic in this recipe, a... Rice and stir to coat with butter vinegar affects the flavor and texture of the sauce ginger... The exact amount teriyaki rice bowl calories is calculated per serving ” part ingredient for calorie counting thanks bunch... Make beef teriyaki my list to make that can affect the texture of rice... To use long-grain white rice,, how do i leave or drain the chicken, teriyaki right... Rather use honey instead of chicken but had to share with you how much ginger, or ground.